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While Kfar Tikva functions as its own self-contained community, its members are well integrated in the adjacent village of Kiryat Tivon as well. We have a shuttle bus that makes twelve trips a day into Kiryat Tivon, many of our members work and shop there, and various programs are offered that bring the members of both communities together on equal footing. 


Fifty of Kfar Tikva’s members live outside of the village, in residences supervised by our staff in the heart of Kiryat Tivon. Kfar Tikva provides these members with the critical support system that makes this arrangement viable. Many of them come to Kfar Tikva on a daily basis in order to work at our on-site employment centers, to receive therapy and medical treatment, and to join in social activities and meals. If the need ever arises, these members can return to live in Kfar Tikva. This arrangement gives us the flexibility to allow our members the independence that many of them strive for, while maintaining the sense of community that is such an important part of their lives. 


One of our residents writes…
“As a member of Kfar Tikva living independently, I can benefit from both worlds. On the one hand, I am a member of the village that offers me all kinds of services, work and help. On the other hand, I live independently outside the village, in Kiryat Tivon, and take part in art and computer classes, do my own shopping at the supermarket, go to lectures and shows, and travel by myself on public transport. I love to live in the way that someone without disabilities does, and to feel that I can cope despite my disability.”




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