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Currently we can only admit a few new members each year due to a lack of housing at Kfar Tikva. We have therefore developed a comprehensive vision for the future growth and sustainability of our community over the next decade and beyond. It is our hope to expand our current facilities, so that we will be able to accommodate up to an additional 150 new members in the years to come, bringing our total population of disabled adults to approximately 350.
Our comprehensive master plan for expansion will provide for a cost-effective building program that will utilize our abundant natural resources in a sensible manner. Kfar Tikva is situated on 4,000 square meters of property, perched above the Jezreel Valley, and blessed with scenic vistas of farms and fields. Half of our land is intended for housing and other facilities that will serve our members, while the other half will remain as open or cultivated landscape that will enhance the pastoral atmosphere that currently exists.


We currently are looking for funding partners to assist us in expanding our facilities so that more of Israel's disabled population can benefit from all that Kfar Tikva has to offer. 

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