Current Projects

Expansion of the Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Center

Our members receive a wide array of therapies that enliven their spirits and the senses, ranging from art, music and drama therapy to physical therapy and massage.  Our current treatment center is too small to house all of the treatments that our members require. We intend to renovate an existing structure in order to convert it into the main wing of an expanded Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Center. It will house a new physical therapy treatment room, a snoezelen environment, and a new multi-purpose therapy room.


Building a Therapeutic Animal Care Facility

One of Kfar Tikva’s most popular destinations is our small animal farm. Our members love being around and taking care of the animals there, and the experience is therapeutic for them. Having seen how much our members love this little farm, and how inadequate the current facilities are, we have decided to build them a proper, larger facility with more animals, more activities, and an attached therapeutic horseback riding center.



Expansion of the Recreation and Education Center

Kfar Tikva has developed a unique educational program for our members where they learn a wide array of subjects tailored to their needs and abilities. It brings them immense pride to participate in continued scholastic advancement. Unfortunately, there is not enough class space to accommodate all of the members who wish to participate in this program. We are building a large, new classroom in which more of our members will be able to learn in a modern and comfortable environment.



Building a New Work Area

The majority of Kfar Tikva’s members who work on-site are employed at our sorting and packaging facility, where we match each person’s job with his or her interests, functional ability, and temperament. Unfortunately, the current facility is too small and has a poor internal layout. We are building a new, larger facility that will allow our members to work in an aesthetically pleasing environment and will allow us to provide them with a greater choice of employment options.



Building a Nursing Care Facility

Kfar Tikva is a home for life, and as our members age, their needs constantly change. Many of our members will soon be unable to live independently in their homes and will require round-the-clock attention in a warm, caring setting. It would be unduly traumatic to send our infirm, aged, members to other facilities after spending so much of their lives in Kfar Tikva. As such, we are building a nursing care facility that will allow us to care for the most infirm of our members while providing them with all of the support and love to which they have become accustomed. 



Building a New Medical Clinic

Kfar Tikva provides its members with health services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our current clinic is inaccessible to some of our physically disabled members because it is located far from their residences. Additionally, it is far too small to adequately serve our population.  Our plan to build a new, proper, clinic adjacent to the new Nursing Care Facility, in the heart of Kfar Tikva’s residential area. A section of the new clinic will serve as a fully-functional on-site dental clinic.



Renovation of our Members’ Homes

With the partial assistance of the Israel’s National Insurance Institute, we are undertaking the first stage of the comprehensive renovation of our members’ homes.  In their current configuration, these homes are not handicap-accessible. Our goal is to create comfortable living environments that are more appropriate and accessible for our physically challenged members, and to add protected rooms in case of war.



Building a Sports Facility

Sports activities are an important part of the day at Kfar Tikva, and are therapeutic in promoting exercise, teamwork, competitive spirit, and fun. We are building an indoor multi-purpose sports facility for basketball, soccer, fitness, and track & field. We expect it to become the hub of leisure-time activities at the kfar.



We are now seeking funding partners to help us make these crucial projects a reality. Contact us



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