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Garden Team 2013



We thought that it was time for you to get to know us a bit better: Garden team 2013!   Here we are!               


A little bit about us: 


the garden team consists of 8 members; Livne Horesh, Sammy Peterzile, Zvika Lush, Yoni Yacobi, Dadi Ashkenazi, Zvika Beri, Natali Raz, and David Lanzman. 

The team leaders are Helen and Eran and out in the fields are five volunteers: Lisa, Pia, Helge and Ephraim, and one Sherut Leumi member:  Thor.




What do we do? 


The garden team is busy with a wide variety of tasks throughout the kfar: They develop new gardens and plant a variety of flowers, herbs, bushes and trees where-ever needed. They also rake, trim and clean pathways, stairways and the living areas of  the members.    

The garden team is also busy with special projects that are connected to the needs of the kfar. Recently the team assisted in the planting of trees along the new sidewalk at the entrance to the kfar, as well as the planting of  fruit trees next to the Olive workshop.  

In addition the garden team has recently reconstructed two new gardens: the planting of herbs and shrubs next to the laundry, and a vegetable garden in the back of the Narkisim home.

The garden team works all-year round and recently we have decided to continue working during the rainy weather  in order to keep the team together and establish a feeling of  continuity. 

 The feeling of unity is something that we feel is important to keep the garden team members together as a team.

On rainy days the team works indoors in the "Coffee House"  busy with creative projects connected to nature: painting, drawing, coloring, trees, plants flowers etc.  They also have worked on mobiles and kept busy with a variety of  table games with the purpose of increasing their  knowledge and identification of  flowers, vegetables, trees.






Future Projects?  


First, we are always open to new ideas and proposals from the staff and members of the kfar.  We are eager and happy to turn the gardens of Kfar Tikva into a pleasant and aesthetic place for everyone to enjoy. 

The garden team is going through a growing and expanding process. We are continuing to accept additional members and would also like to widen our involvement in the development and caring of the gardens in the kfar.   We are also looking into broadening our involvement in joint projects with the surrounding communities.  


   Examples of on-going projects:


ü joint garden project with one of the public schools in Tivon


ü Hannukia  constructed out of recycled materials, and hand-crafted by the kfar's ceramic studio 


ü To work more intensely with Guy (gardener) and his garden team


ü to develop "Ariel's garden" in Kfar Tikva so that it will become a place which will become more attractive for  members to spend their free time in (for example: installing  a water fountain with surrounding greenery)


ü We are trying to raise money to build a new plant nursery to be used by the garden team and it's members for a variety of purposes:  planting, propogation.....etc. It will also be used as a place for 

            "Garden therapy" for members with special needs.




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