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Come Plant an Orchard of Hope!

January 2011


Thanks to the generous support of Kfar Tikva’s friends, a year ago we were able to plant the first 1,000 olive trees in our new olive orchards. Those trees are growing and thriving, thanks to the hard work of our disabled members and dedicated staff alike. We are now gearing up to expand the orchards by planting another 500 beautiful olive trees.


Our olive orchards, once mature, will provide a wonderful source of employment for our disabled residents, and will give them the opportunity to work outdoors in a stunning, natural setting. These orchards will enhance the beauty of our community and add to the pastoral splendor of the Jezreel Valley. They will be eco-friendly, and irrigated with the most up-to-date water conservation system. Our plan is to eventually produce and bottle our own "Kfar Tikva" olive oil, thereby creating even more employment opportunities for our residents and greater national awareness of the importance of providing employment opportunities to the disabled.


Planting each tree costs $28 US dollars and all donations are tax deductible. Everyone who donates to this cause will receive a personalized certificate that describes the program, states how many trees were donated, and records the donor's (or honoree's) name.


If you would like to participate, please click here for information about how to donate to Kfar Tikva, and include the words "Olive Orchard Project" in the memo section of your check.


Contact us.


Thank you!



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