The Center for Academic Research

:The Mission

  The Center for Academic Research in Kfar Tikva is dedicated to conducting research and field studies related to adults with disabilities. The Center develops intervention programs and support systems in a variety of fields, with the goal of enabling adults with disabilities to live an autonomous and meaningful life, each according to his/her own personal ‘life-journey”

:Our Philosophy

Studies conducted at the Center take a humanistic approach emphasizing the whole person. We recognize that all individuals have intrinsic value as human beings, and are capable of independent thinking and autonomous judgment.  Adults with disabilities deserve respect and the necessary support to maximize their abilities and nurture their talents. Every individual is entitled to quality of life and to receive assistance in a manner that preserves his/her dignity.

:Functions of the Center

  • Conduct academic and applied research field studies
  • Host seminars, conferences and professional development in fields of study related to adults with disabilities
  •  Develop and disseminate information and knowledge
  • Influence policy and policy makers for the betterment of adults with disabilities

:For more information contact

Director: Dr. Ran Neuman

Academic Advisor: Prof. (Emeritus) Shunit Reiter


Phone: 04-9539754

Fax: 04-9539765

Dr Ran Neuman

Prof. (Emeritus) Shunit Reiter

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