The village and residents benefit from the efforts of a group of hardworking Israeli volunteers who are completing a  year of National Service, before they begin their army service. The village also hosts a group of young adults from Germany who come  to  volunteer and dedicate a year of their lives to the service of the Kfar Tikva residents .

 Both groups of full time, young adult volunteers are fully integrated into the village’s daily life.  The volunteers work alongside the staff and professionals in the workshops and participate and lead leisure/social activities. They accompany residents on trips and outings, and initiate and run their own activities, based on their individual talents and personalities . Residents enjoy one on one time with the volunteers and the unique creativity, warmth and energy that they bring to the village every year. The young volunteers develop strong bonds with the residents and many stay in contact with the residents long after they leave the village.


 .There are also a large group of local grass roots volunteers from Kiryat Tivon and the neighboring towns.  These volunteers, working as individuals and groups,  lead ongoing activities and clubs and provide additional services and opportunities for inclusion in the community at large.

For more information about ongoing volunteer opportunities contact –
Eran: 050-8529445 or the Kfar Tikva Office: 04-9539721

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