Health and Nutrition

Good health, proper nutrition and physical and emotional fitness are key values of the Kfar Tikva community.  We work diligently to instill these values in all our residents to the best of their abilities.

The services and activities below are a few examples of how these values are actualized:

  • Communal Dining Room – serves healthy meals, minimizing preservatives, artificial additives and processed foods
  •  Activities Promoting Physical Activity– Each week there are multiple sports activities and a variety of opportunities for physical activity including the exercise room on site, the walking trail, and outdoors exercise equipment.  Residents are encouraged to participate and find physical activities that they like and will take part in regularly.  Special sporting events are scheduled regularly and this year  the village plans to have a team participate in local fun-runs and “marathons”
  • Sports Teams and Organized Sports – Walking groups, soccer teams, basketball teams, biking group, pilates, capoeira, swimming, folk dancing and more meet every week at least once or twice
  • Meatless Mondays – As part of our eating right initiative and to raise awareness of the importance of nutrition and a varied diet, the Kfar adopted the international initiative Meatless Monday
  • Ongoing monitoring of each residents physical health by the dietitian and the medical professionals
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