Care and Services

 Appropriate care and services are provided to each and every Kfar Tikva residents 24 hours a day

The professional team at the village builds a personal program of care, employment and activities for each resident when they join the village.  This personal program is created collaboratively by the social workers, medical team and therapists, the resident him/herself and their family or guardian.  It takes into account quality of life, personal preferences and goals, medical and other challenges as well as clinical and social  considerations.  Personal programs are reviewed every year or two to update and to incorporate necessary changes.

The staff (including therapeutic professional, leisure staff, caregivers and others)  is available to serve the residents throughout the day. The volunteers also play a key role in assisting the residents throughout the day.

Health and Medical Care

The village infirmary operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The team of nurses staffing the infirmary see and treat the .  residents when they come to the infirmary or they  make “house-calls” to those those living in or outside of the village.

The infirmary works together with all the Israel Health Services providers, with the majority of the residents participating in the Clallit system.

If more serious medical care is required a staff member will accompany the resident to a hospital or specialist in the area of Haifa or Northern Israel.

Kfar Tikva benefits from the services of several experienced doctors who are present at the village on a regular basis.  These include  Dr Sharon Kama, Dr Bashir Awadieh,  and psychiatrist Prof Henry Silver.

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