Employment & Vocational Training

Employment builds self respect and self esteem, develops social skills and provides meaningful structure to the day.  The residents of Kfar Tikva enjoy productive work environments geared to their abilities and personal preferences.  Many residents work outside of the village in the neighboring communities or alongside independent entrepreneurs who have established businesses on the grounds of the village.  Others work on site in our our therapeutic workshops or in jobs that support the functioning of the village.

Employment Opportunities on the Grounds of Kfar Tikva Include:

Packaging and Assembly – The independently owned Shraga Candle Factory is located on the grounds of Kfar Tikva and exports their products internationally.  Residents of Kfar Tikva are employed by the company to assemble and package the candles and prepare them for export

Tulip Winery – Tulip Winery is the largest boutique winery in Israel and is located on the grounds of Kfar Tikva.  Tulip Winery is an privately owned social enterprise dedicated to the vision that businesses can be both economically viable businesses and give back to the community.  Kfar Tikva residents are employed at the winery in the visitor center and in other aspects of the business.  For more information about Tulip  visit their website: http://www.tulip-winery.co.il

The Therapeutic Animal Farm – residents learn to properly feed and care for animals as they develop their sense of responsibility and maintain a popular destination in the village

The Organic Vegetable Garden – residents plant, maintain and harvest organic vegetables and learn basic agricultural  principles

The Television and Media Club – residents learn to operate audio visual equipment as well as researching and interviewing. Some residents write up news summaries and document happenings at the Kfar.  Film clips are posted on the Kfar Tikva website.  To see some of our videos click here:  יוצרים סרטים

Kfar TIkva is always looking for new enterprises to join the village. Please contact us if you are interested.

Residents working outside of the village are employed at local pre-schools, supermarkets, not for profit organizations and restaurants or serve as volunteers in the a local Air Force Base. Regardless of where they work, residents are supported and trained by the staff and their social works to know what to expect, how to handle work situations and interact with colleagues from the community at large.

Other Residents Work At Kfar Tivka’s Creative Workshop Including

  • Bakery Workshop
  • Ceramics Workshop
  • Paper Mache Sculpture Workshop
  • Recycled Paper Products
  • Weaving, Jewelry and Loom Workshop
  • Carpentry Workshop
  • Creative Crafts Workshop geared to the Elderly

Click here to see some of our products :  חנות חברתית

Still other Residents work in the support of the daily functioning of the village including; the laundry, dining room, landscaping, clothing boutique or at the on-site dog kennel and more.

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