The greatest fear….. that we have as parents is the thought of the future of our children.  Who will take care of them when we no longer can? I think that every parent of a child with disabilities has this weight around their heart… But we have merited to chase away this black cloud….. we have found a place built on the idea that despite our childs’ limitations they can lead a full life with a  measure of independence and most importantly – dignity.

Parent of Kfar Tikva Resident.

(Kfar Tikva is a non-profit entity recognized by the Israeli government (article 46

The village’s operating budget is funded by the Israel Ministries of Welfare, Health and Defense.  Capital projects and special projects are  made possible through the generous support of private donors, companies and foundations in Israel and overseas.  100% of funds donated are allocated to projects, not overhead.  Donations make it possible to actualize our vision of Kfar Tikva: A Home and Community for Life for Adults with Disabilities


Rebecca Levy, Director of Development at

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