Residents enjoy a full range of activities, classes, clubs, programs and special events in the afternoon, evening and on the weekends.  Leisure and informal educational activities are a key part of each resident’s personalized program and are designed to enrich and develop cognitive, gross and fine motor skills, personal interests, social skills, promote inclusion in the community at large and enable a rich social life

Activities include athletics and sports team, creative arts, academic classes, music, dance, orchestra, choir, baking, computers, biking, capoeira, pilates, nature, crafts, cultural events and much more.

To see an example of the leisure schedule  click here kfartikvaleisureschedule

Many of the leisure activities take place on the grounds of the village in inviting indoor and outdoor spaces:  The village cafe, library, pool (summer time only), game rooms and computer rooms, club house, animal farm,  crafts studios and more.  The leisure/extracurricular  activities begin at 2:30 pm and continue into the evening hours and on weekends and holidays.

Residents take advantage of  resources in the neighboring towns, including weekly bowling outings, movie nights, and participate in local cultural festivals, sporting events, concerts and lectures happening in Kiryat Tivon and throughout the Jezreel Valley.

Every year many residents  enjoy mini-vacations within Israel.  Residents are divided into small groups, based on interests, abilities and personal preferences and travel within Israel for 2-3 day themed get-aways.  Groups may go hiking, camping or touring but regardless, everyone enjoys the vacation from routine.

Leisure and extracurricular activities are supervised by the staff with the assistance of the volunteers

 :Kfar Tikva College 

For the past 20+ years the village has operated a school (now know as Kfar Tikva “College” ) to advance and preserve knowledge.  Four days a week, classes are in session  and close to 90 residents participate.  The “College” provides opportunity for learning about topics such as social sciences, natural sciences, English, reading comprehension, Israeli culture and tradition and life skills.

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