Management Team

 The management team is comprised of experts and professionals in the area of adults with disabilities, social services, finance, management, leadership and maintenance.  The management team works together to develop and implement the village’s strategic plans and achieve its goals.

The residents know the members of the management team well and take advantage of the easy access to the leadership team and the village’s open door policy


    Chief Executive Officer 

  • Svetlana Labunets
    Svetlana Labunets

    ​Director of Support Services and Dept of Cognitive and Developmental Disabilities

  • Ruthy Perry
    Ruthy Perry

    Director of Employment

  • ​Soraya Nazzal
    ​Soraya Nazzal

    ​Head Nurse

  • Koren Stuzenko Hahmon
    Koren Stuzenko Hahmon

    Director of Human Resources

  • Aviram Zamir
    Aviram Zamir

    ​Director of Core Services and the Department for Mental Health and Rehabilitation

  • Angela Kurlykov
    Angela Kurlykov

    Director of Program for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Coordinator of New Residents

  • Liran Berman
    Liran Berman

    Coordinator of Leisure and Social Activities

  • ​Ran Neuman, Ph.D
    ​Ran Neuman, Ph.D

    ​Professional Manager
    Head of the Research Center

  • ​Vered Mala
    ​Vered Mala

    ​Director of Community Living Program


    Director of Volunteers

  • ​  Sharon Sadeh Lewis
    ​ Sharon Sadeh Lewis

    Director of ElderCare Campus

  • Eran Natan
    Eran Natan

    Director of Creative Arts Therapy

  • Nira Rodich
    Nira Rodich

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Rebecca Levy
    Rebecca Levy

    Director of Development

  • Nissim Elisha
    Nissim Elisha

    Grounds and Maintenance Manager

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