Past News Items

Official Opening for the Volunteer House

Opening Ceremony December 27th

Jewish Heritage Poland Trip

Kfar Tikva residents join ORT Tivon High School on Poland Trip

Olive Harvest

Autumn means its time to harvest our olives

Academic Conference in collaboration with Safed Academic College

 “Daring to Dream” a day of workshops and lectures November 11, 2019

Annual Retreat at Tabgtha

Another Amazing Retreat with Lifegate at Tabgtha

Jezreel Valley Prize 2019-2020

Kfar Tikva is Awarded the Prestigious Jezreel Valley Prize

Purim Celebrations

Bilbilical Times” – This Year’s Theme for Purim Activities “

Biking Club Ride in The Hula Valley

Bike Riding Club Rides the Hula Valley

Academic Conference May 2019 – A Good Reason To Get Up In The Morning

Kfar Tikva hosted an academic conference focused on Intimate Relationships Amongst Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Annual Retreat at Tabgha

Kfar Tikva joined together with members of LifeGate for the annual retreat at Tabgha

Kiryat Tivon – Shiek Avreik Festival

Kfar Tikva hosted locals participating in the Kiryat Tivon grass roots community festival

Kfar Tikva Residents Join ORT Tivon on Camping Trip

Hiking and Camping in Southern Israel with Local High School

Purim Festivities at the Kfar

Check out some photos from Kfar Tikva’s Amazing Purim Celebrations

Choir Performs at Regional Choral Festival

Kfar Tikva Choir Wows Audiences in Regional Choral Festival

Kfar Tikva Hosts Soccer Tournament

Kfar Tikva Hosts Soccer Tournament

Kfar Tikva Residents Join Local High School Trip to Poland

Trip to Poland, November 2017

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