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Kfar Tikva: The Village of Hope is just that – a place of hope….. We searched for a place where our son would be in good hands, with staff that would look after him and assure his well being.  We searched for a place that would give our son the opportunity to develop to the best of his abilities, but also protect him in a way we could not.  We searched for a place that would be a home for our son, that could be a Home for Life.  We found Kfar Tikva.  We found what we were searching for

 Mother of a Kfar Tikva Resident

Kfar Tikva is an inclusive kibbutz-like community and Home for Life for over 220 adults with cognitive, developmental and emotional disabilities (our “residents”). We strive to provide our residents with as much choice and autonomy as possible on a daily basis, along with the best possible personalized care and services including; a wide range of enriching activities, a myriad of employment options, and innovative opportunities to integrate in the community-at-large in various ways at every life stage

 The village was founded in 1964, and is among the most established, respected and innovative programs for adults with disabilities in Israel. Our mission remains the same since the early days: To provide the residents with the opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of their limitations and at every life stage.

  Today, we have over 100 employees and approximately 20 full-time volunteers from Israel and abroad, plus numerous local grass roots  volunteers all working together to serve the residents of Kfar Tikva.  .

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