Two years ago an initiative called “Equal Opportunity for Love” was created to enable adults with disabilities to meet up with their peers to socialize, enjoy a variety of activities together, and possibly develop romantic relationships.  More than 100 adults participated in this program and the program itself was recognized by the Ministry of Welfare “Spot Light Award”

Based on the success of this program,  Kfar Tikva’s Center for Academic Research created and hosted a conference on the topic of Intimate Relationships Amongst Adults with Cognitive Disabilities.  The goal of the conference was to raise awareness and to lead a positive change to enable adults with intellectual disabilities to have the opportunities to develop relationships or life partners.  Dr Ran Neumann is at the forefront of the efforts to close the gap between statements advocating the rights of adults with disabilities to have couple relationships and the day to day reality.

Seventy five participants from throughout Israel participated in the conference and worked together to identify needs, formulate a common language and plan for the future.  Participants included professionals, adults with cognitive disabilities, family members, social workers and others working in the field.

Dr Ran Neumann and Prof Shunit Reiter were both keynote speakers. Additional breakout sessions were held to enable increased discourse and enable voices to be heard. A position paper will be published with outcomes and conclusions from each of the sessions.

Please contact Dr Ran Neumann for more information or to find out about future conferences.

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