Fall 2019:  A group of Kfar Tikva residents joined the ORT Kiryat Tivon HighSchool on the annual Jewish Heritage Trip to Poland.  High School students from all over Israel participate in this rite of passage and we are proud that for the 5th year in a row, Kfar Tikva residents joined ORT High School in this significant and thought provoking experience.

The residents were accompanied by a dedicated staff chaperone and were involved in every aspect of the trip including extensive preparation and discussion prior to departure.  Highlights of the seven day trip included visits to Warsaw, Treblinka, Auschwitz-  Birkenau and memorial ceremonies/ tributes to the martyrs. At on important ceremony at the site of the Majdanek concentration camp, one KT residents sang in front of the entire group.

Thank you to the staff and students of ORT Kiryat Tivon High School for embracing Kfar Tikva, and supporting our residents in this inclusive and particularly meaningful experience

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