For the third consecutive year, a group of Kfar Tikva residents and chaperone joined the local Kiryat Tivon ORT High School Seniors on the annual Jewish Heritage Journey to Poland. The Masa to Poland, is a part of the Israel Ministry of Education’s high school curriculum and a rite of passage for many Israeli students. The Kfar Tikva residents participated in the school’s lead up to the trip including months of academic study, visits to Holocaust related sites in Israel and emotional preparation for the journey. The months before the trip provided an opportunity for study and connection to their roots as well as meaningful inclusion and bonding with members of the local community of Kiryat Tivon.

The 8 day trip was conducted at an extremely rigorous pace and was both physically and mentally exhausting. But, the preparation paid off and the Kfar Tikva residents were able to keep up and fully participate– thanks to the support of the teenagers and their chaperones.

Some of the sites visited included Auschwitz-Birkenau, Majdanek, the Warsaw Ghetto and the cities of Krakow and Lublin. Kfar Tikva residents presented songs and shared their thoughts in the various ceremonies and presentations at the sites.

Thank you to Kfar Tikva residents: Simeon, Michal, Pazi, Tamar and Alex and our wonderful and tireless chaperone, Shelly! Thank you to the amazing high school seniors and teachers and parents of Kiryat Tivon ORT High School!

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